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My name is Dr. Adam Chris. I am a cosmetic surgeon practicing in Melbourne. If you are looking for a safe cosmetic procedure without any major side effects, then you should come to me. I am well trained in this field and know about all the advanced techniques used in cosmetic surgery today. I am very committed to my work and make sure that my patients get a satisfactory result. I have attended a number of conferences on cosmetic surgery around the world. My interest and passion for this field have brought me this far in my career. I would like to help you to transform your appearance into something you have always dreamt of.

I have the latest equipment on board and the most trained people in Melbourne on cosmetic surgery. We not only do the treatment, you do counseling as well. Before the procedure, we sit with the patient to discuss your requirements and educate them about the various aspects of cosmetic surgery and its side effects. This helps the patients to know what to expect in this surgery and it will make them less nervous. We carry out procedures for both men and women. So, please visit us and have a look at the various services we provide to our patients. We hope you will find this site very informative.

Name: Adam Chris

Email: info@holycrapthatsfunny.com

Address: 71 Bayfield Street, LAKE LEAKE, TAS 7210

Phone: (03) 6268 1191