4 types of food that can reduce your belly fat

There are now many ways to reduce belly fat. Cosmetic surgery is a short cut way of getting a flat belly. But if you want to reduce your belly fat without any surgery then you should eat the right kind of food. Here are five foods that can cut down your belly fat.

Whole grains

Whole grains are very effective in reducing belly fat. You should have this in your regular diet; 3 servings a day is perfect. You should eat quinoa, brown rice or whole grain cereal instead of cornflakes, pasta, and rice.


Almonds are great for health. These even improve your heart condition. You should eat 30 to 35 almonds every day if you want to reduce your belly fat. So, you must have almonds during your snack time.

Canola oil

You should use canola oil instead of soybean oil when cooking food. Canola oil contains 20% less fat and can help to get rid of your belly fat. Canola oil contains omega-3 content which helps to lower the level of insulin. So, less fat will be stored in your stomach.


You should eat beans instead of animal proteins. It is good for your heart and can help reduce belly fat also. You can lose weight by eating beans regularly.

These foods are not only nutritious but tasty as well. You should have these in your regular diet. Only eating this food won’t help. Exercise is essential for losing belly fat. So, eat good food and exercise regularly to get a flat stomach.